Curriculum Vitae · Prof. Dr. TaeWeon Kim

DDS, MSD, PhD., Seoul, Südkorea

Present position

President of KSLO(Korean Society of Lingual Orthodontics)
Clinical Professor in YonSei Univ.(Korea)
Clinical Professor in Korea Univ. (Korea)
Clinical Professor in KyungHee Univ. (Korea)
Clinical Professor in Binzou Med. College. (China)
Private office in Seoul, Korea


Graduated school: YonSei Univ. College of Dental medicine
Postgraduate: Dept. of Orthodontic, YonSei Univ. Dental Hosp.
MSD: YonSei Univ. Korea
PhD: Showa Univ. Japan

Teaching experience

Lingual Orthodontic typodont course:
17 times in Korea. Barcelona, Spain(2003) Bern, Swiss(2005)

Clear Aligner course:
10 times in Korea Barcelona, Spain(2004) Montevideo, Uruguay(2004) Treviso, Italy(2005) Tokyo, Japan(2005,2006) Lech, Austria(2006)

Micro-implant course:
Barcelona, Spain(2005) Bern, Swiss(2005)

Postgraduate continuing education in YonSei Univ, Korea Univ, KyungHee Univ, WonJu Christian Hosp. Binzou Medical College (China).

Lecture experience (congress):
Korean Association of Orthodontics (6), ESLO (5 times: Rome, Brussel, Berlin, Barcelona, Venice), ALOA (3: United States), SIOAL (1: Madrid, Spain), JLOA (1: Tokyo, Japan), WSLO (1: New York), University of Padova (Italy, 2005), Binzou medical college (China, 2005)


ESLO 7th congress (Venice, 2006)
The best poster award

2,300 Patient were treated since 1988.

Academic activity:

Published book:

  • Principle and clinical application of Clear Aligner (MyungMun co, Korea 2005. Sunashobo, Japan 2005)
  • Treatment of cleft lip and palate.(Korean)
  • Textbook of lingual orthodontics (translation)

Published article (International)

  • Resorption of uncalcified and calcified cartilage in humeral growth plates of young beagle dogs.
    At Japanese Journal of Oral Biology. p317-325,Vol.38. No. 4, 1996
  • Cartilage-bone replacement in endochondral ossification of mandibular condylar heads in young beagle dogs.
    At Journal of Electron Microscopy. P213-222,Vol.45. No. 3, 1996
  • Structure and functions of osteoclasts and their regulation in dentistry
    At The International Journal of Chosun university, Vol. 1,No 3, p407-429, 1998
  • An ultrastructural study of the cells involved in endochondral ossification in humeral growth plates of young beagle dogs.
    At Journal of Showa University Dental Society,. P235-245,Vol.19. No. 3, 1999
  • An ultrastructural study of the effects of bisphosphonate administration on osteoclastic bone during resorption relapse of experimentally moved rat molars.
    At American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. p645-653, Vol.115, No.6, 1999
  • New indirect bonding method for lingual orthodontics.
    At Journal of Clinical Orthodontic. p348-350, vol34 number6, 2000.
  • Das KIS-System- eine Bracketpositionierungsmethode fur die Lingualtechnik
    At Kieferorthop 17:303-310, 2003
  • Double Transfer Tray for Indirect Bonding, Pablo Echarri, Tae-Weon Kim
    At Journal of Clinical Orthodontic. p8-13, vol 38 number1, 2004.
  • Clear Aligner-El alineador realizado en la consulta (Parte I), Tae-Weon Kim, Pablo Echarri
    At Revista Espanolade Ortodoncia vol.34N(1) p71-76. 2004
  • Aligner-El alineador realizado en la consulta(Parte II), Tae-Weon Kim, Pablo Echarri
    At Revista Espanolade Ortodoncia vol.34N(2) p157-165. 2004
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